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Location Intelligence is the new growth level for digital marketing.Our location-based marketing services help retailers to turn more visitors into shoppers, faster.

The mobile consumer is rapidly being surrounded by a mesh of IoT connected devices that expand well beyond the traditional mobile devices.

This represents a revolutionary business opportunity and also a challenge for retail brands to automate and personalize their services & communications.


Our location-based marketing services are used by blue chip customers.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Shopping Mobile Wallet

BLE enabled mobile payment for Carrefour Romania

A mobile app is a good step towards a better shopping experience for your customers. But together with Carrefour we set the bar even higher with the first retailer-owned mobile wallet solution in Romania.

You can check prices by scanning the barcodes with your smartphone and add items to your bill right as you actually put them in your cart. The end of your shopping trip comes with another surprise: the app allows you to pay quickly and safely at the register through a QR code.

To make the experience even more swift, we recently improved the paying process by putting BLE beacons at each till for better user identification.

Innovative idea proudly built on Kontakt.io beacons.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Shopping Concierge App

Location-Based Suggestions, Marketing & Loyalty for ParkLake

Shopping Centers usually have tenants with never-ending streams of offers, discounts, new collections, promotions, sales, suggestions, special events… you get the idea.

These are all great, but it’s usually hard for mall-goers to keep track of the ones that are truly interesting for them.

Our app to the rescue! Once a customer downloads it and creates an account, the app learns their interests (both general – as in “sport items” – and specific brands) through continuous interaction and gradually starts showing only news that is relevant for them. This way, we keep both our client and our client’s clients happy: people are much more likely to visit ParkLake and shop if they find out about a 10% discount or a new collection at one of their favourite stores than if they were to see offers for a shop they don’t engage with.

And if you forget to check the app, no problem: if you’re at or around ParkLake, you’ll get push notifications with current offers and events. Location-based suggestions are tailored to shopping patterns as to always be welcomed and never become annoying.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Touch-First Data Visualization

Real-time Cybersecurity Threat Map including Lead Generation for Orange

Data visualization is tricky. Data visualization used to prompt immediate action is even trickier.

Orange Business Internet Security is a lead generation tool neatly wrapped in eye-candy intuitive visuals. It uses statistics, insights and a touch-friendly 3D interactive globe to display real-time information about cyberattacks and to spark interest in getting a security assessment.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Brand Activation with Computer Vision

High engagement & virality campaign for Rompetrol

It’s easy to be all smiles when you get a prize, but what if we turned things around? We invited Rompetrol customers to upload their “smiliest” selfie for the opportunity to win delicious prizes.

All selfies went through face recognition algorithms that would detect the person’s smile, analyze it and label it on a scale of 1 to 5. Smiles with a rating of 4 and above entered a lucky draw for a chance to win smile-worthy prizes.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Mobile Servicing & Concierge

Complete pre-sales and after-sales utility app for Ţiriac Auto

The main problem when you have an incident with your car is that you know when you give it away at the repair shop but you’re never really sure when you get it back or what happens in-between.

At Ţiriac Auto, they really care for you and your car and they want you to know that. That’s why we set up an end-to-end mobile technology system connecting the driver in need with the Assistance Contact Center. When you need roadside assistance, you can track your assigned assistance driver right in the app, identical to when you order a taxi. The seamless experience continues with real-time notifications on each stage of the process. In the end, we collect feedback regarding the quality of the services and likeliness to recommend.

This app is powered by advanced algorithms to ensure the best outcome through a task management platform that automates very high volumes of requests.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Journey Planning Automation

Multimodal travel planning app for European Music Awards

Traveling for work can be a hassle: you get all the planning ordeal with almost none of the fun at the destination!

Viacom employees who travelled to Glasgow for the European Music Awards in 2014 already had the fun guaranteed by the event itself, so we tried to up the game and make their trip planning enjoyable, too.

All the travel details — bookings, flight details, hotels, local events — were integrated into a seamless experience. The user could select their preferred flight, choose between predefined hotels and add or remove events at the EMAs. The platform also had a manager mode with a lovely view to an entire team’s schedule.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

End-to-End Road Assistance Mobile Technology System

Connecting Assistance Contact Center + driver in need + roadside assistance driver for Țiriac Auto

One platform to benefit three separate targets, allowing them all to see real-time updates on the issue at hand. The driver in need can easily request assistance and then get live updates on the road assistance car’s location.

The seamless experience includes real-time notifications, automated assistance flow guidance, task management and automation, quality control and customer satisfaction.

Unrivalled instant content personalization capability

Self-Service, Support & Purchase

Client servicing mobile app for Allianz-Ţiriac

The need for an insurance can be spontaneous or recurrent — either way you want a hassle-free experience.

This app allows you to buy car and travel insurance on the spot, through a self-service module powered by pricing and check-out process engineering.

Your account also helps you manage your claim notifications and receive geo-contextual reminders when you travel (e.g. at the airport). Customer profiling and content management allow us to create and uphold a fresh and relevant loyalty program.

Geo-contextual notifications for travelling customers

Product configuration user experience design

Featured Project

Allianz-Ţiriac Mobile App
Travel Insurance

Pricing & check-out process engineering

Customer profiling, performance & content management

Featured Project

Allianz-Ţiriac Mobile App
Travel Insurance

Geo-contextual notifications for travelling customers

Product configuration user experience design

Pricing & check-out process engineering

Customer profiling, performance & content management

Alba Iulia – The First Smart City Project in Romania

We used our proprietary Footprints Retail Analytics solution to track pedestrian traffic and to analyze emerging urban patterns. Our goal is to build on data to create an adaptive environment for an improved quality of life & urban communication.

MTV European Music Awards 2014 – Automated Concierge Web App for the Booking Process

One platform for all your EMA travel details – bookings, flight details, hotels, events. Manage your team’s schedule through an intuitive interface and enjoy the (over)view!

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