Our CRM Solution for Unified Digital Ecosystems

A very scalable sales performance & lead management platform developed for multi—channel environments

This is where we bridge the online with the offline into a single multi-functional dashboard
Most intuitive visualization for funnel performance, sales interactions & customer profiling
360° customer interactions across mobile, web, social media & offline brand activations
Advanced indicators include Propensity to Buy, Customer Acquisition Costs & Net Promoter Score

Leads & offer requests, customer interactions, marketing automation & sales force optimization are all managed from one single business dashboard

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User interactions across mobile, web, social media & offline touchpoints are stored and analysed into a single customer view

Footprints for Retail - Unify CRM

Advanced features and functionalities make sure your sales force gets a direct connection into your digital ecosystem so your business would start see increased sales revenue & customer satisfaction while tracking the media investment performance.

Complete Set of Lead Collector Forms for Web, Mobile, Social Media or Any Offline Brand Activation
Identifies Leads From Offline Events, Display & Search Ads, SMS, Emails, Affiliates or Direct Referrals
Product Power & Market Fit Analysis with Propensity to Buy & Net Promoter Score Calculations
Automated Smart Lead Allocation Based on Prospect — Sales Agent Profile Matching Algorithm
Lead Generation & Conversion Tracking Across Complete Sales & Servicing Process

The solution brings the most efficient productivity optimization tools to your sales force including a very powerful dynamic tasks automation

Footprints for Retail - Unify CRM

With everything in one place, the funnel performance is thus analysed in real—time

Footprints for Retail - Unify CRM

Advanced analytics are then capable to understand propensity to buy & net promoter score indicators in order to improve the upsell & cross—sell scenarios

Footprints for Retail - Unify CRM

This generates deep & comprehensive analysis of your sales force performance, the way they affect customer satisfaction so you can deploy incentive & training programs and grow a strong competitive advantage

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