Our Proximity & Indoor Advertising Solution

A successful customer decision journey for you brand today is only possible with an automated & intelligently orchestration of all channels and all screens at once

Multi-channel advertising for brick & mortar retailers
Orchestrates all channels around each customer
Activates the right channel for the right customer at the right time in the right place
Instant content personalization capability

This solution helps brick & mortar retailers and media agencies to use the customer in-store data & presence detection to advertise in real—time.

In-App Advertising
Proximity Notifications
Proximity Email
Proximity SMS
Integration with Facebook Ads
Integration with Google AdWords
Digital Signage

For this purpose, we have a suite of synchronised solutions

Wi-Fi Connection Welcome Screen. Digital Signage Management. Mobile App Notifications. Emails. SMS. Integration with Facebook & Google Ad Platforms

All these solutions can also be triggered by location—based factors: BLE Beacons, geo-fencing, presence detection

1m Accuracy

An experimental mobile—only localization technology can be added to improve indoor accuracy to 1m

The natural fit between analytics and advertising in the same retail environment generates unrivalled real—time campaign performance and an instant content personalization capability

Our solution includes a proprietary over-the-web advertising campaign management solution that integrates with all connected digital signage options.

Preferred Solution & Tech Partner
NEC Digital Signage Ready
LG Digital Signage Ready
Benq Digital Signage Ready

The intuitive interface decreases the costs for specialised resources, while making the deployment of rich—content campaigns as easy as any modern online advertising environment

Location—based engagement campaigns can be activated for each individual shop to drive traffic in real—time

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