The mobile consumer is rapidly being surrounded by a mesh of connected devices that expand well beyond the traditional mobile devices.

This represents a revolutionary business opportunity and also a struggle for brands to automate and personalize their communications and to orchestrate their channels within their digital brand ecosystem.

Our Proprietary Solutions for Omnichannel Retailers

Footprints for Retail

Our proprietary SaaS solutions include unique capabilities to analyse shoppers’ path to purchase and to connect with them in order to increase frequency of visits & their lifetime value.

Footprints Omichannel CRM

Marketing & Sales Force Performance Optimization

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Footprints Location-Based Marketing

Content Automation & Personalization for Real-World Marketing

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Footprints Retail Analytics

In-Store Shopper Movement Tracking & People Habits

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Footprints Mobile Apps

Mobile Marketing & Location-Based Engagement Apps

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Algorithmic Business Drives Transformation

We developed advanced algorithms using machine learning & smart data principles

Marketing Automation

Connect marketing & sales content or actions with a customer-centric trigger

Net Promoter Score

Automate the real-time collection of the NPS indicator for each customer interaction

Propensity to Buy

Behavioral analysis of how likely a customer would be to purchase a certain product or service

Relevancy Score

Predictive algorithm to determine the right message on the right channel at the right time

Position Detection

Device position triangulation algorithm based on radio frequencies

Indoor Positioning System

Experimental sensor-fusion technology for hyper—precise indoor positioning

Other algorithms we are working on: Quality of Life Index and Sales Bots.

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Our solutions are used by blue chip customers in FMCG, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Shopping Centers, and a lot of other retail industries

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